Thanks Michael,

What I'm after is how well PHP can handle load, I know it's quick, I've
tested it and I have to say that the results are somewhat interesting.

But, what I can't test properly is how it handles hundreds, even thousands
of simultaneous connections.

I know that the above is probably more to do with the web server but I want
to prove a point that PHP is not the "fly by night" software that some
people are saying it is.

I know it's good, but, I need to show just how good it can be.

I then want to publish the results for all to see.

Still interested?


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> Goalposts change.
> The zdnet eweek article from last november showed PHP being *THE* fastest
> between JSP, ASP, CF and PHP.  PHP was 47 pages/second.  ASP was 43, CF
> was 25 or 26, and JSP was 13.  The benchmark was a ecommerce store  -
> each system had functionally equivalent code, and ran on the same
> CF got 'top honors' because of its 'ease of use'.  PHP was hands down
> faster
> than everything else.  ASP was close, and became way faster when MS
> the code, but I suspect someone rewriting the PHP could have optimized
> it to see
> a 100% improvement as well.
> Part of the point here is that people will knock it for any reason they
> can,
> even if they don't know any better.  We have a client (running PHP) who
> was in
> a meeting with one of their clients.  Trying to demo a new service, they
> went to
> his site, which was responding very slowly (turns out there was some
> routing
> problems along the way  - I *think* in the client's own office).  Their
> "IT" guy
> (to use the term loosely) noticed the ".php" and said "Oh well, there's
> your problem -
> PHP isn't multithreaded - of course it's going to run really slow.  You
> should use our
> ______ system" (I forget if it was Java or MS).  The guy was full of it,
> but
> everyone in the meeting got the impression that PHP sucked and was slow
> because it's not "multithreaded" (as if ANYONE in that room, including
> dweeb, even understood the term, much less it's impact on performance).
> So what do you want to benchmark?  Whatever it is, you really should get
> others from
> other camps to develop similar code - get an ASP person (who is good) to
> write a similar
> app, do the same with Java, etc.  If you want to contact me privately, I
> would
> be interested in discussing this further (organizing, etc)
> Andy Woolley wrote:
> >Guys,
> >
> >Has anyone ever tested PHP, MySQL on Apache to see just how well it will
> >work when put under serious pressure.
> >
> >Seems that people all over the world are saying how PHP doesnt cut it
> >pushed to the limit, question is what is the limit?
> >
> >Anyone interested in setting up a stress test, to try and prove how good
> >really is.
> >
> >Andy.
> >
> >

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