Allthough I've never tried to overload the PHP server I own, I suspect that
it really comes down to Apache and the server hardware when loading your
server that much. If you have sufficient with RAM, enough MHz and a darned
good line, PHP should not create any bottlenecks.. (I think)..

I'd love to test this once. Feel free to contact if you're interested.

Regards... and good luck,

Owe André Jørgensen

"Andy Woolley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Thanks Michael,
> What I'm after is how well PHP can handle load, I know it's quick, I've
> tested it and I have to say that the results are somewhat interesting.
> But, what I can't test properly is how it handles hundreds, even thousands
> of simultaneous connections.
> I know that the above is probably more to do with the web server but I
> to prove a point that PHP is not the "fly by night" software that some
> people are saying it is.
> I know it's good, but, I need to show just how good it can be.
> I then want to publish the results for all to see.
> Still interested?
> Andy.

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