Thanks for the response, but unless I am misunderstanding, I don't think
this is what I am after.

Just to restate, I want to set up a module as a static data cache. The main
function $my_cache will have a static array $data. There will be a set of
helper functions to set values into $data, get values from $data, lock
values, mark them as dirty etc.

Calling functions will be able to store and manage values in the cache for
other functions to access.

I need to be able to pass an array addresse of n dimensions into $my_cache
together with a value, and an action such as "set", "get", "unset" etc:

$my_cache( "set", "['key1']['key2']" , "someval" ) ;

Then somehow, inside $my_cache, I need to assign the value to $data as

$data"['key1']['key2'] = "someval" ;

As I say, I have been mucking about with eval( ) and variable variables with
no success. Guess I am having a bad brain day. Any help much appreciated -
its getting late here and I am running out inspiration....

Thanks again

Geoff Caplan

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