To briefly summarise the thread - I am trying to find a way for calling
functions to store values in an n dimesional static aray within a cache
function, so that the calling functions can manage the cached values through
set/ get / is_locked / is_dirty etc helper functions.

The problem is how to pass the values in to the static array in the cache.
Variable variables don't seem to work with arrays, and I can't find a way to
get eval( ) to work either.

I am looking to create a static array inside the cache that will work like

$data['key']['key2']['value'] = 'my old val' ;
$data['key']['key2']['is_locked'] = FALSE ;
$data['key']['key2']['is_dirty'] = TRUE ;
etc etc

I have found a rather crude mechanism that does work - but there must surely
be a better way. Here is a simple example of the mechanism, which uses
variable-length argument lists.


set(  'my new val', 'key', 'key2' ) ;

function set( $value )
      $args = func_get_args(  ) ;

      $data['key']['key2']['value'] = 'my old val' ;

      $data = array( $args[1] =>  array( $args[2] =>  array( 'value' =>
$value ) ) ) ;

      // Check what we have in the array

      $result = $data['key']['key2']['value'] ;
      echo( "Result is: $result<br>" ) ;

This is hardly pretty - I am sure I must be missing something better.

I would be more than grateful for any help with this


Geoff Caplan

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