>     Why on earth would you prefer java servlets?

Hmm... Let's see;Java is a full-fledge, totally OOP
and awesome programming language but not a scripting
language. Speed (will be mentioning this later),
having total control over whatever you want (exception
handling, db pooling, caching, syncrhonization,
threadding, etc. etc.), ease of use, etc. etc. I mean,
come on;)

>     veins as well), therefore its imho much easier
> to do web programming with php.

That is what I saw, but as I said, I didn't see a lot
of difference between perl and php, I mean, C++ and
perl are very different, likewise java and perl or
other languages, but PHP has a very similar syntax.

>     FYI, JSP is the slowest to my knowledge.

The first request is slow since JSPs are compiled into
servlets (java classes)... But, then it is not bad...
In fact, I saw some comparisons showing that servlets
are kicking ass! But, again, I mean, this all depends
on how you design/configure the system, one simple
example:java used to crap out (before 1.2, don't know
the latest situation, but heard that it is better)
after 40-50 threads per jvm, so if  you have more than
40-50 concurrent requests, starting couple of servlet
engines on different jvms and using apache dispatching
improves the speed a lot! Likewise, tricks like using
caching, staying away from classic traps (i.e. using
StringBuffers instead of Strings when needed),
minimizing garbage collection, etc. etc. Also, with
the introduction of JIT and hotspot capable JREs, java
is doing pretty well these days...You can check
comparisons at rasin servlet engine page.

>     No, its not available on Windows, but then
> again, why on earth would you want to use Windows?

Same here;) I am supposed to implement this sytem on
windows 2000...But I totally agree! I would definitely
prefer linux or other unix systems over windows...

If you really need
> shm on windows, submit a patch, hint, its just a
mmap() :)

Well, what I meant was something like ease of sharing
data in java (using static variables) and dealing with
synchronization is extremely easy in java... Also,
FastCGI is not that hard as far as I could see, but I
am not an expert in that area;)

>     You can use Files or SHM management, or write
> your own custom session backend using for example

Using a database in the backhand is what huge sites
are doing, but they have huge boxes to run these
databases and very fast network infrastructure. Do you
think overhead of serializing/de-serializing session
for every request via the database is a lot? Files
again is??? I don't know... As you specified SHM is
not very nice either (dealing with synchronization
might be messy).

>     No.  Its compile and execute everytime

??? Don't you think using perl and printing out html
from the code is faster than this? I mean, parsing the
whole html doesn't seem very good???Actually, this is
what I was scared of. I mean, for example say you have
an html that consists of blocks... Making every block
an include is clean, but this time, php engine has to
read all of these includes, and parse the html+php and
compile/run php everytime a request is made??? I am
not sure about this?

>     Yes, but do you want your web designer going
> through your perl code

Hmmm, good point, hehehehe...

Thanks a lot for your time and I appreciate your


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