> > ie. don't necessarily use 1 file per block, create functions that are
> > defined in a single file and call those instead of including a new file.
> How do you echo your html, do you put the html in your functions and
> escape the double quotes? There is some extra load there echoing all the
> html?

echo HTML?  I do this:

  <? php stuff..?>
  HTML stuff
  <? more php stuff ?>

I drop out of PHP mode to display raw HTML.  If I have a lot of HTML with
a lot of PHP variables tossed in, I do:

   $test = 'test';
   $one = 'one';
   echo <<<EOF
   This is a $test.
   And here is another $one.
   ..more php code...

Or sometimes simply:

  HTML stuff <?=$variable?> and some more HTML stuff.


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