Private methods and variables are necessary for any serious language
that supports class libraries, IMHO.  There are currently some manual
methods (i.e. naming conventions) of accomplishing this, but for the
best results it should be enforced by the compiler/interpreter.

Some might also say that strong typing (or at least more formal typing)
is a requirement, but I'm quite happy without all the related hoops that
C++/Java makes you jump through...that alone is enough to give the
average PHP developer a big boost in productivity vs. those languages.
:) :)

- Tim

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 10:13, Jason Stechschulte wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 03:24:31PM +0200, Emile Bosch wrote:
> > thanks tim, but do you know wheter they are gonna implement such a feature
> > cuz that's somethgin that the language actually must have to become really
> > professional or somethign.
> The language is already quite professional.  Yes a feature like that
> would be nice in the eyes of many people, but saying it is a must and is
> needed to make the language professional is quite a joke.

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