> Halo! Good to see you back:)

Thanks :) Same here! ...oh... wait; _I_ was the one a was away...
Well... anyway: good to be back!

> >I've been away on vacation, so it's a bit late, but anyway...
> >
> Indeed late.. Had a good one?

Yep! Sun in France io rain in Holland. But :( I'm back in the rain
again. And believe me: IT'S A LOT OF RAIN HERE!

> Hmm, Why R U not employing smilers, why you after 'humor':) Of course, I
> meant, that the WAY your code is made is not better, not that you
> _litteraly_ improved my code (The later case would be a breakage of
> ownership, so you wouldn't admit it, unless you R a Skliarov' type:)

Skliarov... I'm still free out of prison; so guess not :)

> Guess wat? I use RegExp abbr. Thats why. Silly me. Now I know that this is
> not a developer's kit:) TnX a lot.

'Silly me'; don't think so. The number of abbr's is pretty huge on
these kinds of mailinglists. So the change of someone (_anyone_)
missing one is pretty large. Nothing to call yourself 'silly' over.

> And, BTW, I agree with your thoughts about clarity and simplicity
> (causing performance 'optimality') of expressions.

Me too :)

> Not though - that it should be done at the expense of
> functionality. In the discussed case, your approach is just an
> approach to solution, sorry, whereus mine include practicaly
> allowed by standard symbols. May be I am missing something too,
> but at least do not include, what is not allowed, i hope. Correct
> me if I am wrong.

And this is where the misunderstanding came up. I thought you were
talking about the construction I was using, while you were - and
correct me if I'm wrong - talking about the characters I allowed.
And concerning those, it might very well be that I don't only allow
characters allowed by specifications and even maybe I don't allow
characters allowed by specifications. I didn't spend much time on
that point. What I did was just creating the RE to parse the URL's.
The allowed characters weren't really of my concern then.

Let me know...


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