On Thu, 20 Sep 2001 10:37:58 +0200 impersonator of [EMAIL PROTECTED] (*
R&Ze:) planted &I saw in php.general:

>again. And believe me: IT'S A LOT OF RAIN HERE!
"Its raining back, Aleluia":) Like in UK reign in<G> "foggy Albion":)? I
can understand you, I used to live in St. Petersburg.. Or do you mean that
you visited Monaco (Isn't it a Rein`e - a rulling family there?:) & lost a
>'Silly me'; don't think so. The number of abbr's is pretty huge on

Thank you for comforting me:) _That_ was what I had in mind (+coquetry:)
writing (not _thinking_) this, of course:)

>And this is where the misunderstanding came up. I thought you were
>talking about the construction I was using, while you were - and
>correct me if I'm wrong - talking about the characters I allowed.

Well, as far as i am concerned, these two can not be separated for such
issues. This IS functionality of the script, applied to what it needs
done. (Its _not_ like separating a messenger from a message, which
_idealy_, should always be performed, provided the MSG is independent of
messenger <-[quite seldom, unfortunately, in our "team work" times]) 

>And concerning those, it might very well be that I don't only allow
>characters allowed by specifications and even maybe I don't allow
>characters allowed by specifications. I didn't spend much time on
>that point. What I did was just creating the RE to parse the URL's.
>The allowed characters weren't really of my concern then.
So, the "URL's" is not the right word here, then:) And th WAY, you did it,
(even irrelevant of character set, as far, as it could be) - I compared
with mine (not yours previous) - and havn't found, what I can improve.
Believe me, if i see s/t usefull for me, i would use it, as long as it is
not copyrighted:)

>Let me know...
Just did.
Best regards.
i leonid http://nux.home.dk3.com

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