My web sites, which generally have only a couple of real visitors a
day to run a specific applications, have just been getting hammered
by this stupid nimda and code red stuff. I'm running Linux/Apache/PHP
and have firewalls that filter everything except port 80 so I'm not
worried about any local effects.

What I've done as a public service is to run a "/missing.php" script
that looks like:

if( strpos( $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REDIRECT_URL"], ".exe" ) > 0 )
      sleep( 300 );
if( strpos( $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REDIRECT_URL"], "default.ida" ) > 0 )
      sleep( 300 );
header( "HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found" );
echo "404 File Not Found: ";

I felt that if nothing else I could slow the worm down a little by
wasting its time before it races off to the next potential target.
Does what I'm doing make any sense or am I all confused?
  Bill Rausch, Software Development, Unix, Mac, Windows
  Numerical Applications, Inc.  509-943-0861   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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