At 13:48 2001-09-21 -0700, Bill Rausch wrote:
>     sleep( 300 );
>I felt that if nothing else I could slow the worm down a little by
>wasting its time before it races off to the next potential target.
>Does what I'm doing make any sense or am I all confused?

I do like the concept behind the sleep idea, but this is going to tie up 
acesses to *YOUR* server, which means you're literally setting yourself up 
for a DoS.  I doubt that was a design goal.

I think setting up a script which hands off the vitising IP address to your 
firewall and stealths the requests would be much better.  If I could get an 
answer to a cache implementation question I posted here this morning, I'd 
be moving along to providing such a facility to those interested...

FTR, the implementation I have in place right now is invoked via a 
rewriterule in apache, so I don't log 404 errors.

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