Are you sure about that?  I am trying his script and I just had an "attack"
and I watched the traffic through my firewall software.  It dropped off
immediately, i.e. showed no activity.  I was expecting to see somekind of a
persistant connection, but It doesn't seem to be there.  I tested it myself
and got the same results.  My browser just sat there spinning, but there was
no traffic in and out of my site.

PHP KISGB v1.2 Guestbook

"Sean Straw / Pse" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> At 13:48 2001-09-21 -0700, Bill Rausch wrote:
> >     sleep( 300 );
> >
> >I felt that if nothing else I could slow the worm down a little by
> >wasting its time before it races off to the next potential target.
> >Does what I'm doing make any sense or am I all confused?
> I do like the concept behind the sleep idea, but this is going to tie up
> acesses to *YOUR* server, which means you're literally setting yourself up
> for a DoS.  I doubt that was a design goal.
> I think setting up a script which hands off the vitising IP address to
> firewall and stealths the requests would be much better.  If I could get
> answer to a cache implementation question I posted here this morning, I'd
> be moving along to providing such a facility to those interested...
> FTR, the implementation I have in place right now is invoked via a
> rewriterule in apache, so I don't log 404 errors.
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