I had a look at the DATE_FORMAT info on the mysql doc page and its a bit
easier to understand than the CONCATS.

Would I want to use the CURTIME() function since I would want to select
sessions based on the hour? How would I go about combining CURTIME with the
rest of my query?

Theoretically, here is what I understand, please let me know whether or not
I am correct:

select * from sessions where (CURTIME() - EXTRACT(MINUTE FROM $timein) >=
//where 60 is the lifespan of the session

Thanks for your suggestions and time!

Jason Dulberg
Extreme MTB

> And, as someone recently pointed out in response to a similar suggestion
> I made, there is a mysql DATE_FORMAT function that will do the same thing
> without the CONCATS.

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> > I am using sessions on my site and have noticed that people often don't
> > click the "logout" button -- something which I need them to do in order
> > to clear their session from the db and update some site stats. In the
> > sessions table, I have a field $timein (in format F j, Y, g:i a) that
> > gets added when the user logs in and a $timeout field that gets added
> > when they hit "logout".
> >
> > Basically, what I've been thinking of doing is using cron to run a php
> > script every hour or so that will search the table for sessions with no
> > $timeout field and $timein is more than X number of minutes old.
> >
> > My problem is that since I'm using the F j, Y, g:i a date/time format,
> > how would I make the mysql select? Do I have to explode the $timein
> > field?
> >
> > Any suggestions are appreciated.
> > __________________
> > Jason Dulberg
> > Extreme MTB
> > http://extreme.nas.net

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