Actually this is a feature of Python. It is VERY useful and I would be
ecstatic if it turned up in PHP.


Brian White

At 11:36 25/09/2001 +0300, Andrey Hristov wrote:
>  After some days spent in a hospital reading "Programming Perl" and 
> "Oracle Web Applications" I found that a language construct
>which appears in Perl and PL/SQL is not available in PHP.
>As in most 3G languages function call is like that
>function foo($par1=1,$par2=2,$par3=3,$par4='foo_bar',...){
>In the case when I've few parameters I've to remember their order, so why not
>I want to pass value to only one or more but not to all params. Also this 
>will make the code clearer I think.
>Comments are welcome!
>Andrey Hristov
>IcyGEN Corporation
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