Follow up to my own message:

If you want to also skip even needing the empty 'array()' (new fianl
example) - check if it is an array, and only do the first extract of
the parameters if there's something there.

function foo($p='')
        $foodefault = array(
                'foo_fred'=> '<strong>default fred</strong>',
                'foo_banana' => '<strong>default bananananana</strong>',
        if (is_array($p))
                extract ($p, EXTR_PREFIX_ALL, 'foo');   // get values
        extract ($foodefault, EXTR_SKIP, "foo");        // get defaults
        echo  "$foo_fred / $foo_banana";

echo "Both in place: ";
foo(array('fred' => 'hello', 'banana' => 'world'));
echo "<br /> Now with a missing param: ";
foo(array('fred' => 'hello'));
echo "<br /> Now both missing params: ";
echo "<br /> and with no array: ";

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