I have a common css file that is being used across several virtual hosts.
Basically, what I am trying to do is use the same css file even though
several text colors/sizes need to be changed depending on what site/platform
its being used on.

I have my sql query (retrieves $site_style) in the file that includes the
css file and a bunch of IF statements inside the css file itself. The only
problem is that the css is not being generated properly.

For some reason, the IF statements are not being processed correctly/at all.
I can echo the variables through the index.php and the variables are set to
global. Its just that styles.php seems to almost bypass the IF and use the
1st set of variables even though it shouldn't be.

Here's an example from the css (styles.php) - there are about 5 IF
statements in there but here's the basic idea of them all:

//index.php creates platform and site style

if (($BROWSER_PLATFORM == "Win") && (($site_style!=="10") ||
($site_style!=="9"))) {

.standard {
    font-family:verdana, arial;
    font-size: <?=$pc10;?>pt;

The call from site style 10
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/styles.php">

If I go to a $site_style 10, it still uses the variables defined within the
example IF statement even though it clearly shouldn't. If I type in the URL
to styles.php from a $site_style 10, it shows the wrong tags.

Is it a problem with my IF statements or is something else going over my

Thanks again for any help - I've been trying to figure this out for days to
no avail...

Jason Dulberg
Extreme MTB

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