On Thu,  4 Oct 2001 13:49, Jason Dulberg wrote:
> I have a common css file that is being used across several virtual
> hosts. Basically, what I am trying to do is use the same css file even
> though several text colors/sizes need to be changed depending on what
> site/platform its being used on.
> I have my sql query (retrieves $site_style) in the file that includes
> the css file and a bunch of IF statements inside the css file itself.
> The only problem is that the css is not being generated properly.
> For some reason, the IF statements are not being processed correctly/at
> all. I can echo the variables through the index.php and the variables
> are set to global. Its just that styles.php seems to almost bypass the
> IF and use the 1st set of variables even though it shouldn't be.
> Here's an example from the css (styles.php) - there are about 5 IF
> statements in there but here's the basic idea of them all:
> <?php
> //index.php creates platform and site style
> require("index.php");
> if (($BROWSER_PLATFORM == "Win") && (($site_style!=="10") ||

Any other problems aside, this is not how you do 'Not Equal'.


is correct syntax.

> ($site_style!=="9"))) {
>       $pc8=8;
>       $pc9=9;
>       $pc10=10;
>       $pc12=12;
>       $pc13=13;
>       $pc14=14;
>       $text="#ffffff";
>       $heading="#2E4471";
> }
> ?>
> .standard {
>     font-family:verdana, arial;
>     font-size: <?=$pc10;?>pt;
>     color:<?=$text;?>;
> }
> The call from site style 10
> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/styles.php">
> If I go to a $site_style 10, it still uses the variables defined within
> the example IF statement even though it clearly shouldn't. If I type in
> the URL to styles.php from a $site_style 10, it shows the wrong tags.
> Is it a problem with my IF statements or is something else going over
> my head?
> Thanks again for any help - I've been trying to figure this out for
> days to no avail...
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> Jason Dulberg
> Extreme MTB
> http://extreme.nas.net

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