I have a page that uses server-side includes to display different
features. Something like this:
  <!--#include virtual="feature1.php"--> (a few db calls)
  <!--#include virtual="feature2.cgi"--> (perl-script with db calls)
  <!--#include virtual="feature3.php"--> (even more db calls)

If everything is embedded in a php-page I assume that the parser would
start only once, and that the db-connections would be open until the
whole page closes? 

If the assumption above is correct, does the same apply to a .shtml-page?
Or does the parser execute eache php-script one at the time, each time
invoking the parser?

Somehow I'm afraid I have to rewrite my perl code to php and put
everything on one page, but I would sure like to hear a few arguments on
how to plan for performance.


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