Ok I have a performance question. I run a wallpaper site; this is the url to
the main gallery page http://www.cognitivedistortion.com/php/gal.php
<http://www.cognitivedistortion.com/php/gal.php>  The page does a dir read
and lists all pictures found in each directory, it does this every time the
page is loaded. Now at first this seemed like a incredible inefficient way
to do generate pages. The alternatives to this would be to generate a list
of the pictures and save them in a text file, or create a list of the
pictures and store them in a database. If I use a text file I will have to
read the text file every time the page is generated which seems like it
would take just as long as reading the file allocation table, which I am
doing now. As for the database to get the same thing done I would first have
to log into the database and then pull the information. 
I was hoping to get some input as to which would be the fastest/ best way to
Mike Fifield
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