1)Install PHP w/ the installer or manually
2)In PWS add a new virtual directory and give it Script+Execute rights.
3)Create a simple script there (where the virtual directory points) and
write <?phpinfo();?> just to see if everything is fine.

you may want to try to ask in php.install group too.

"Nicolas Llamosas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> My name is Nicolás Llamosas, I`m from Río Cuarto, Argentina and sorry for
> poor english. I need informacion about how configure Personal Web Server
> under W98 to use with PHP 3.0 I downloaded the BIN code of PHP version
> 3.0.17 for W32 and I followed the instructions on the manual &#8220;PHP
> Manual&#8221; (I downloaded it in php.net page, and I configured the
> file, etc, etc.), but I don&#8217;t know if I need to compile under C or
> Visual C, or what I have to do after that to start to use PHP under w98
> PWS. Some detailed informacion will very important for me.
> Thanks.
> Nicolas Llamosas &#8211; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> _________________________________________________________________
> Descargue GRATUITAMENTE MSN Explorer en http://explorer.msn.es/intl.asp

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