> poor english. I need informacion about how configure Personal 
Web Server 
> under W98 to use with PHP 3.0 I downloaded the BIN code of 
PHP version 
> 3.0.17 for W32 and I followed the instructions on the manual 
> Manual” (I downloaded it in php.net page, and I 
configured the PHP.ini 
> file, etc, etc.), but I don’t know if I need to compile 
under C or 
> Visual C, or what I have to do after that to start to use PHP 
under w98 and 
> PWS. Some detailed informacion will very important for me.

hi  Nicolas,
pws is not so great. if you are still in the beginning phase 
you may consider to use the free Apache server. It has a 
version for windows, very stable. 
You just need to make some changes to the configuration file to 
make php work. btw you do not need to compile php if you 
download the right version! (don't download 'source' but maybe 
they call it 'binary' or whatever).

There are even packets on the internet which include working 
combinations of apache + php4 + mysql (mysql= free very popular 
web database). Just do a search on a search engine. 
There are also instruction pages on how to make php work on 
apache (you need to change two or three lines in a 
configuration file).

good luck.

--  C.Hayes  Droevendaal 35  6708 PB Wageningen  the 
Netherlands  --


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