I've been running Apache on 98SE (I agree - DON'T ASK!) for most of this
year without ny issues at all. Win98needs reboots a few times a week, but
it's not Apache's problem.  I also run PHP4.0.6 and 4.0.8-dev and MySQL
3.23.43 and they all work and play well together.  Just to keep my sanity, I
also run a linux server too :).  It helps me knowing that computers aren't
supposed to have to be rebooted to keep them stable!

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"Richard S. Crawford" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Getting PHP to work with Apache is pretty simple.  The documentation is
easy to read.

I would agree with trying Apache on your Win98 box; but be warned that the
current Apache release is only supposed to be stable on NT
platforms.  Since I have win2k it's not an issue for me, but it might now
work on Windows 98.

At 08:54 AM 10/24/2001, Chris Hayes wrote:
>hi  Nicolas,
>pws is not so great. if you are still in the beginning phase
>you may consider to use the free Apache server. It has a
>version for windows, very stable.
>You just need to make some changes to the configuration file to
>make php work. btw you do not need to compile php if you
>download the right version! (don't download 'source' but maybe
>they call it 'binary' or whatever).
>There are even packets on the internet which include working
>combinations of apache + php4 + mysql (mysql= free very popular
>web database). Just do a search on a search engine.
>There are also instruction pages on how to make php work on
>apache (you need to change two or three lines in a
>configuration file).
>good luck.

Richard S. Crawford

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