Assuming you don't output anything else to a web page:

header ("Location: index.html");

should do the trick if you put it at the end of the program.  Be warned, 
though, that if you output anything to the browser at all, the header 
function will not work.

Good luck!

At 06:39 AM 10/24/2001, Roy W wrote:
>I have several scripts that when you complete a form it executes a PHP
>At the end of each script I have a simple statement saying it's done and
>then a place to hyperlink back to a given page:
>PRINT "Process complete. <a href=\"index.html\">Click here</a> to continue";
>But what I really wanna do is just have the script code execute and when its
>all done - just take the user automatically to "index.html" or some other
>I know there's a command but cant seem to find it.  Thought it might be
>"include()" but couldn't figure out my syntax
>THANKS!!! :-)
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