If you are going to use the javascript solution, be sure to add a <noscript>
container for browsers that do not support javascript or have it disabled:

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript1.1">
 <META http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; URL=wheredoyouwanttogotoday.ugh">

Of course, pure PHP is far superior... :-)


James Fairbairn wrote:

> just print the following at the point where you decide you want to redirect:
> <script language="JavaScript">
> <!--
>         location.href="whereveryouwannago.php";
> //-->
> </script>
> a better alternative is to send a redirection header with the response, but
> this depends on you not sending any HTML output to the browser before
> processing is complete:
> <?php
> header("Location: whereveryouwannago.php");
> exit; // don't do any more processing after this redirect.
> ?>
> hope this helps.
> james

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