This seems a pretty elementary task, ATC, though the detection of when the
transfers are done is problematic.  You could use the filesystem functions,
particularly stat(), for assistance.

I run php code as regular programs, not for web-based access, pretty
regularly.  You simply use the shebang on the first line of your file, as
in Perl, etc.


echo "hi, i'm a php program!\n";
echo "woohoo!!\n";
if (file_exists("public_html")) :
  print "you've got a web directory here\n";
else :
  print "no public_html, so sad...\n";
  $mk_result = mkdir("public_html", 0755);
  if ($mk_result) :
    print "i made one for you!\n";
  else :
    print "i tried, but failed  :-(\n";

"The rest is left as an exercise for the reader"


At 7:32 AM -0700 10/25/01, Scott wrote:
>I am dreading having to break out my perl books, so here is a thought
>about using PHP on the server to handle a chore for me.
>I have a Linux ftp server that accepts files from a mainframe every
>night.  I need to take those files, determine when the transfer is
>done and then re-send them to another machine across a wan.  When that
>transfer is complete I need to make a new directory (date would be ok)
>and move all of the files into that directory, tar them and finally
>produce a status page.
>Thoughts?  Has anyone tried this with php?  BTW--it has to be automatic
>as a cron job.
>Thanks in advance.
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