Hi there,

I have a serious problem in my programming architecture.

The architecture looks like fusebox (those of you familar with CF might now
this a.) The point is, that I am sending html code at the beginning. Body
tag and so on. Now there is the content. And inide this content there might
be anywhere an if statement. This if statement should be able to redirect to
another Page. I tryed this with the header location statement. Which workes
fine as long as output buffer is on.
Having output buffer on leads to extreme performance loss. During db access
you see a blank screen for seconds.

Here is the question: How do I redirect to another page in this case. JS
might be a solution. But I really would like to avoid to be dependend on the
activation of JS in such a elementery decision. So... how do you guys
redirect to other pages? Might be a quick run for you guys, but I am totally
stuck here.

Thanx for any help

Cheers Andy

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