AFAIK, ASP does output buffering by default (meaning it doesn't send the code 
to the browser until the page is fully parsed and ready to send to the 
client)  That's what allows it to response.redirects after headers have been 
generated.  Cold Fusion is the same way.

However, once the actual HTTP headers have been sent to the client, I don't 
believe it's possible to do a server-side redirect -- only client-side.  
Someone please correct me if I"m wrong.

So, PHP does have this feature if you have output buffering turned on.  And 
not being able to do it without output buffering is more of a limitation of 
the HTTP protocol than it is a limitation of PHP. 

On Friday 26 October 2001 12:15, you wrote:
> I know in ASP it's as easy as doing:
> Response.Clear
> Response.Redirect
> But PHP doesn't seem to have that feature.

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