I know in ASP it's as easy as doing:


But PHP doesn't seem to have that feature.

My best suggestion would be to try and re-work your code so that the 
redirect can be detected *before* any html code is written to the browser.


Andy wrote:

>Hi there,
>I have a serious problem in my programming architecture.
>The architecture looks like fusebox (those of you familar with CF might now
>this a.) The point is, that I am sending html code at the beginning. Body
>tag and so on. Now there is the content. And inide this content there might
>be anywhere an if statement. This if statement should be able to redirect to
>another Page. I tryed this with the header location statement. Which workes
>fine as long as output buffer is on.
>Having output buffer on leads to extreme performance loss. During db access
>you see a blank screen for seconds.
>Here is the question: How do I redirect to another page in this case. JS
>might be a solution. But I really would like to avoid to be dependend on the
>activation of JS in such a elementery decision. So... how do you guys
>redirect to other pages? Might be a quick run for you guys, but I am totally
>stuck here.
>Thanx for any help
>Cheers Andy

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