On Fri, 26 Oct 2001 17:18:37 -0400, John A. Grant wrote:
>I have an xxx.php page that runs on my Unix server.  I also
>run php.exe on my NT box to generate the corresponding
>xxx.html file like this:
>  c:\> php -q xxx.php > xxx.html
>The xxx.php file contains stuff like this:
>  print "hello\n";
>That means stdout from the server and the xxx.html file
>both contain \n.  I would like the xxx.html file to contain
>\r\n so it can be viewed/edited with notepad. Yes,
>notepad and \r\n both suck, but that's another story...
>So I guess I would like my code to look like this:
>  if(running php.exe on my NT box){

if (strstr(php_uname(), "Windows")) {

>    $delimiter="\r\n";
>  }else{
>    $delimiter="\n";
>  }
>and then my code looks like:
>  print "hello$delimiter";
>How can I do this?
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Mark, [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 10/26/2001

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