"Dl Neil" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Thanks for the idea. I have just resurrected and had another play with my
'testbench.php', running it from both
> IE/Apache and in a DOS box.
> It includes the following code:

Thanks (also thanks to the others for the useful comments & ideas).

probably because my server is netscape ("nsapi"?). They
are all blank. Yes I declared them 'global'.

I ended up with these functions which seem to do the trick, at
least for my server and NT.

function isonserver()
global $PHP_SELF,$argc;
    return $argc==0 && isset($PHP_SELF) && $PHP_SELF;

function getpagename()
global $PHP_SELF,$argv;
    return basename(isonserver() ? $PHP_SELF : $argv[0]);

function getlinedelimiter()
    return isonserver() ? "\n" : "\r\n";

The pagename is critical to my site, because the code needs
the page name to recognize certain suffixes and 'special page

Perhaps it is only sufficient to test for $PHP_SELF and not $argc,
but I threw in $argc==0 anyway.

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