On Wednesday 31 October 2001 08:16 am, you wrote:
> The addresses I know about are clients that are already a little peeved
> with me so I can't send them out for testing but I have found at least 4
> addresses that will "not work" (no error message, just dead air) with
> Mail().   It is something about the string of letters that does it
> because if I try "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" it doesn't mail.  If I try
> "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", or the like, it mails.

Not that I doubt you, but I do suspect a problem other than PHP, such as a 
strange, non-printing character getting inserted in the email address 
somewhere (like at the end) or a newline character.  It could also be a 
problem with the SMTP server that you're using. 

I highly recommend that you try this out on another, totally different PHP 
server (esp. one that runs on Apache/*nix, since that doesn't use SMTP to 
transport mail)  That will help you isolate the exact area where the problem 

If you want to contact me off list, I'd be happy to help out with some simple 


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