> Really?  No good at all, huh?  I would think that would answer the
> right there if it was an SMTP problem or a problem that lies elsewhere.
> you take SMTP out of the equation, and the problem still occurs, then you
> know that's not the issue.  If the problem does go away, then you've
> it to either PHP SMTP code (probably) or your SMTP server (not as likely,
> still a possibilty)

He already stated that the same code worked with a previous version. He also
made it clear that he was using Win32/SMTP. We all know it will probably
work on a Unix box with sendmail or similar because so many of us use it on
a daily basis with no such problem - that won't help his situation.

I think probing the guy a bit on the premise that he might be mistakenly
loking at Php as the problem is fair enough, but beginning an inquisition
certainly isn't warranted   ;)


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