Yes, I saw the discussion a few days earlier on this topic, but I'm 
wondering if there is still some unmined wisdom out there about 
building a script that sends a newsletter out to 25,000+ people.... 
The very impressive class I found (phpmailer-1.41) looked great, but 
it didn't *directly* address the high-volume issue in the readme so 
I'm still a little nervous.

And, unfortunately, it's not one of those types of technical 
challenges you can keep testing over and over without seriously 
annoying the first 100 or so people on your list who *do* get the 
email before the script times out.

I think the amount of trash email I get each day proves that vast 
mailings aren't TOO difficult, but I think I could use a little 
wisdom before I give it a shot.

Anyone?  I'll buy you a coke!

Thank you in advance,
Sondra Russell

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