Sondra Russell wrote:
> Yes, I saw the discussion a few days earlier on this topic, but I'm
> wondering if there is still some unmined wisdom out there about
> building a script that sends a newsletter out to 25,000+ people....
> The very impressive class I found (phpmailer-1.41) looked great, but
> it didn't *directly* address the high-volume issue in the readme so
> I'm still a little nervous.
> And, unfortunately, it's not one of those types of technical
> challenges you can keep testing over and over without seriously
> annoying the first 100 or so people on your list who *do* get the
> email before the script times out.

You should be using a dedicated mailing list management system for that
like something with ezmlm/qmail.

You may want to try this class that lets you manage the creation and
properties of ezmlm mailing lists.


Manuel Lemos

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