At 12:14 PM 11/14/2001 +0100, Sondra Russell wrote:
>Yes, I saw the discussion a few days earlier on this topic, but I'm 
>wondering if there is still some unmined wisdom out there about building a 
>script that sends a newsletter out to 25,000+ people.... The very 
>impressive class I found (phpmailer-1.41) looked great, but it didn't 
>*directly* address the high-volume issue in the readme so I'm still a 
>little nervous.

Why not off load the responsibility of sending the email to some other 
program besides PHP?  In other words, set up a mailing list on your MTA and 
have the PHP script send the message to one address, the mailing list, and 
have your MTA (Sendmail, for example) have the responsibility of forwarding 
the message to all it's intended recipients...

Michael Sims
mhsims at midsouth dot rr dot com

The manual said the program requires
Windows 95 or better, so I installed Linux ...

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