> A large page is generated with data from a MySQL database. The various
> paragraphs inside this page have variable, internal links, 
> also extracted from the database.
> Example: <a name=\"$value\"></a>
> Let's assume that $value represents FOO.


> Now i want to take the value of this variable to post to $PHP_SELF.
> Example: <form action=\"$PHP_SELF#$value\" method=\"post\">\n";.
> The HTML-source should show something like <form
> action="/domain/page.php#FOO" method="post">

Seems straightforward enough...

> This does not work... Output on the source is like <form
> action="/domain/page.php#" method="post">, so $value appears 
> to be empty.

When is $value assigned a value?  Before or after the script prints out
the "<form action=" line?


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