> > When is $value assigned a value?  Before or after the 
> > script prints out the "<form action=" line?
> This $value is somewhere within the form page ($PHP_SELF). 

So it is a value that the user sets?  After the script runs and the 
HTML output generated?

> $PHP_SELF?#FOO in the script, it all works well. But $value 
> is variable, so the content depends on the action taken somewhere 
> in the script. 

Somewhere in the script server side?  Or somewhere in the form 
client side?

> The generalidea is that an internal link gives $value it's own value 
> (like <a name="para1">, so $value would be "para1"). After posting 
> to SELF a jump to para1 must be made.

It depends on where value is coming from.  If it's coming from the 
script server side, then you just need to make sure that $value is
set before the line "<form action=" gets printed.  If it's coming from
the client side, there may be other problems...


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