There is this array which I would like to convert into a series variables using the 
extract function: 

$oz = array(
 "lion" => "courage", 
 "dorothy" => "kansas", 
 "scarecrow" => "brain"
 "tin man" => "heart"); 


now, I would like to access my new variables. it is obviously easy for $lion, 
$dorothy, and $scarecrow but it isn't for "tin man".

from this, I have 3 or 4 questions:
1) has $oz["tin man"] been passed into a variable?
2) if yes, how do I access the variable that came out of $oz["tin man"]?
3) let's pretend that I have no control over the names of the keys for $oz, how should 
I have called extract() to tell it to replace the space between "tin" and "man" by a 
underscore character?
4)  finally, is there a way to access and retrieve that values of the symbol table 
without knowing their names?


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