I'm inserting into a table (as I've done millions of times), and I have
a column called "id", which is an auto incrementing, unique field.

Since it's auto-increment field, I have no idea what it is at the time
of insert, but I want to be able to report it to the screen.

"Thankyour for your application, for future reference, your application
# is "<the id number of the application i just inserted>."

So, what I'd like to do is INSERT, then find out the id of the row I
just inserted.

I can't just look up the most recent id, because it's *possible* that
someone else could have inserted after me.

Also, at this stage the id field is the only unique field, so I can't
try and match against annother field (of which I know the value I inserted).

Any ideas?

Justin French

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