Thanks David,

I've skipped off to the manual and done a bit of reading, but i'm a
little confused.  The user-added notes have actually clouded the issue more!!

It *looks like* from what they're saying, that the number returned may
not be the number that I want, if someone else inserted just after me. 
They go to talk about locking and all sorts of junk, but I was hoping
you could clarify the bit about an idenitifier.

How do I specify an identifier upon INSERT, and how do I re-use it when
using mysql_insert_id?

Or is all of this implied by PHP/MySQL?

Many thanks,

Justin French

> mysql_insert_id is your friend, in this case. Even if someone inserts
> another record, this function will return the auto ID for the last insert
> performed using a given link identifier. So you feed it the link
> identifier for _your_ insert, which of course you know, and Bob's yer
> uncle :-)

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