Could be that the value you're trying to insert doesn't match up with 
the field type in the database - you know, putting a word in a number 
field. What exactly is the error message?

Payzillee wrote:

>Hi, could anyone tell me what is wrong with this Insert query?   I get an
>'Invalid query' error but I can't see the problem at all.  All the fields
>match exactly what is in my database, it's all in lowercase too.
>mysql_query ("INSERT INTO listserve (title, surname, forename, job_title,
>org_name, address1, address2, address3, address4, city, region, postal_code,
>country, email, mob_phone, tel_number, fax_number, org_web_address,
>personal_web_address, special_interests, date, time)
>VALUES ('$title', '$surname', '$forename', '$job_title', '$org_name',
>'$address1', '$address2', '$address3', '$address4', '$city', '$region',
>'$postal_code', '$country', '$email', '$mob_phone', '$tel_number',
>'$fax_number', '$org_web_address', '$personal_web_address',
>'$special_interests', '$date','$time')")

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