It looks OK, but I have lousy track record of writing out "perfect" sql 
which doesn't work. Syntax looks OK.

1. What does it look like if you write out the update statement, assign it 
to a var and then echo the var?
2. Can you try it at the console?
3. Try " or  die(mysql_error) ;" to see if you get a more specific error
4. Are your date and time fields of  type char in the database? Yo may not 
need the surrounding single quotes.
5. Try building the sucker up bit by bit, until you hit where it breaks.


At 11:31 AM 11/29/2001 +0000, Payzillee wrote:
>Hi, could anyone tell me what is wrong with this Insert query?   I get an
>'Invalid query' error but I can't see the problem at all.  All the fields
>match exactly what is in my database, it's all in lowercase too.
>mysql_query ("INSERT INTO listserve (title, surname, forename, job_title,
>org_name, address1, address2, address3, address4, city, region, postal_code,
>country, email, mob_phone, tel_number, fax_number, org_web_address,
>personal_web_address, special_interests, date, time)
>VALUES ('$title', '$surname', '$forename', '$job_title', '$org_name',
>'$address1', '$address2', '$address3', '$address4', '$city', '$region',
>'$postal_code', '$country', '$email', '$mob_phone', '$tel_number',
>'$fax_number', '$org_web_address', '$personal_web_address',
>'$special_interests', '$date','$time')")
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