I'am totaly new in php i work always with asp.
I give the folowing hidden fields to a php script
<input type=hidden name=connectie value="mysqlhost.mijndomein.be:3306">
<input type=hidden name=uid value="U0498526">
<input type=hidden name=pwd value="iwinfo59">
<input type=hidden name=database value="D0498526">

and in my php script i try to make my connection as follows:

$conn = mysql_connect('%s','%s','%s',$connectie,$uid,$pwd);

but i keep getting this error:
Warning: Wrong parameter count for mysql_connect() in
/home/users/mijndomein.be/admin/x.php on line 27

What do i wrong or is there a method to make my connection with a include

Tommy Straetemans

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