If you want to know exactly why mysql functions fail you should always, and
I do mean always, use this form:
$Result = mysql_query($Query, $Connection)
        or die (mysql_error());
You will always get a fairly descriptive error from mysql.  If you still do
not understand the error, at least you have more specific information for
this list.


Chip Wiegand <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I just want a simple page that pulls the data from a database (got that
> working fine, no problem),
> and on that page I want to be able to have an option to delete entries. I
> have tried what seems
> to be the simplest method - using a form text field, enter the appropriate
> info, and hit the submit
> button. It should then be deleted from the database. I can delete from the
> database on the
> command line, but getting it to work in php is another story. I keep
> getting 'not a valid mysql
> result resource' errors. I have 3 php/mysql books and cannot get this to
> work. I know it can't be
> as difficult as it appears.
> My goal is simple enough - I have a database that is populated from online
> web forms. It contains
> enduser names, addresses & email addresses. I made a form that the
> marketing people can use
> to view the database, search it and display it in various ways. I also
> them a form that will
> allow them to manually add enduser info into the database. That all works
> fine. It's just the doggone
> delete stuff that I just haven't got a handle on yet.
> Is there a tutorial somewhere that shows the simplest method of setting
> this up? That's all I need,
> a reference to a location for a tutorial or info on this particular
> subject.
> Thanks,
> Chip

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