On Tuesday 04 December 2001 22:47, Andrew Hill wrote:
> mweb,
> Just a guess - is Note a reserved word?  you might want to quote/escape it.

Excellent idea. Actually, putting Note between double quotes gives:
INSERT INTO Red (ID, Nome, Nickname, Username, password, pict, "Note", 
admin, playlist, email, ruolo, web) VALUES (NULL , "mweb", "webfm",
"webfm1", "12321", "0", "", "on", "on", "e2e2e", "222e", "www.ni.it");

Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] '' is not a 
valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or 
punctuation and that it is not
too long., SQL state 37000 in SQLExecDirect in 
C:\domini\musicboom.net\cng_red.php on line 71
Error(no cursor odbc_exec) 

        How else could I escape Note, and what this last message means?

In general do you know about *detailed* tutorial for MS access via odbc?


P.S.: special thanks to Andrew Hill who is always very fast and patient in his

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