You could just rename the column in the db.

Putting quotes around Note is not the solution because the quotes are 
causing the invalid name error. I don't see that Note is a reserved 
word anywhere.

Access is quite picky about what data you send it. For instance, if a 
field is set to require some input, then it will error out if you 
don't supply any.


>On Tuesday 04 December 2001 23:25, Jim wrote:
>>  I've searched high and low for _good_ PHP/MSACCESS info, but the fact
>>  is not that many people use it.
>I know. It's not my choice, believe me...... :-((
>>  What I've found very helpful is to use MS ACCESS' SQL builder to test
>>  out my queries. Fairly reliably, if it works there, it'll work in PHP.
>Fine, but I guess it won't run on my Linux PC, will it? I'll search the web
>for examples of its usage, anyway. Any pointer is appreciated.
>       Thanks,
>                       mweb
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