Hi PHP users,

I have a couple of PHP scripts that generate dynamic content for a website.
Now the admin of this website should be able to burn a CD of its pages, so I
wrote another PHP script which calls the CGI PHP executable to get the
content and write it down, like this:

$content = `/usr/lib/httpd/cgi-bin/php4 /home/httpd/html/project/foo.php4`;

But with this line, the server seems to call many many instances of PHP ...
and I don't get the "content" I want ...
The server engine for PHP is CGI. I tried to call "my" PHP4 with another
path, e. g. $content = `/tmp/php4 ...` , but it's useless.
I changed the "foo.php4" - and really easy scripts don't work at all, e. g.
scripts that only contain phpinfo() or die() or something like that.

Does anybody know why so many PHP instances are called?

Yes, another possibility for my problem is to do it with
fopen(http://localserver/...), but this is not very good I think because I
have loops in my script, so for every loop an HTTP request is called ...
very heavy for the webserver ...

Thanks a lot,

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