if he wants to burn a cd why dont you just copy the php dir onto a cd? why
do you have to parse everything? as an admin I would rather the entire dir
then the content of the executed script. plus on your side parseing every
url recursivly and getting all the images etc, what a hasle, just copy the
dir ..


  Chris Lee

"Thomas Karcher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi PHP users,
> I have a couple of PHP scripts that generate dynamic content for a
> Now the admin of this website should be able to burn a CD of its pages, so
> wrote another PHP script which calls the CGI PHP executable to get the
> content and write it down, like this:
> $content = `/usr/lib/httpd/cgi-bin/php4
> But with this line, the server seems to call many many instances of PHP
> and I don't get the "content" I want ...
> The server engine for PHP is CGI. I tried to call "my" PHP4 with another
> path, e. g. $content = `/tmp/php4 ...` , but it's useless.
> I changed the "foo.php4" - and really easy scripts don't work at all, e.
> scripts that only contain phpinfo() or die() or something like that.
> Does anybody know why so many PHP instances are called?
> Yes, another possibility for my problem is to do it with
> fopen(http://localserver/...), but this is not very good I think because I
> have loops in my script, so for every loop an HTTP request is called ...
> very heavy for the webserver ...
> Thanks a lot,
> Thomas

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