Hi Chris,

> if he wants to burn a cd why dont you just copy the php dir onto a cd? why
> do you have to parse everything? as an admin I would rather the entire dir
> then the content of the executed script. plus on your side parseing every
> url recursivly and getting all the images etc, what a hasle, just copy the
> dir ..

But the PHP scripts generate HTML content out of a database - and as far as
I know it is not very easy to run a database and a webserver on a CD   ;->
Yes, it is possible, I know, but these CD's are given to his customers, so
it must be easy to use ...
And yes, at this time, I am parsing the content for substituting image
paths, CSS paths and so on ...

In the meantime, I had to solve the problem, so I did it via
fopen(http://server/php-script.php4), but I am interested why it doesn't
work with an "embedded" PHP script.


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