hmm, now that i\'m trying to program with register_globals=off, what is the new 

maybe there should be a page in the online manual describing these new variables for 
easy reference after all, i can\'t find reference to them other than those on the 
changelog too.

>Two items in the new 4.10 change-log caught my attention: 
>* Introduced a new $_REQUEST array, which includes any >GET, POST or 
>COOKIE variables. Like the other new variables, this >variable is also 
>available regardless of the context. (Andi & Zeev) 
>* Introduced $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_SERVER and $_ENV >variables, which 
>deprecate the old $HTTP_*_VARS arrays. In addition to be >much shorter to type - 
>these variables are also available >regardless of the scope, and there\'s no need to 
>import >them using the \'global\' statement. (Andi & Zeev) 
>However, I can\'t seem to find any documentation regarding >these variables on the 
> site. Any pointers? Am I >missing something obvious? Thanks! 

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